A lot of my charts were written to serve a specific purpose in a show (costume change, segue, etc), so some tracks start and/or end with a fade, or may not fill enough time to constitute a “whole” number. Likewise, you may really dig something you hear, but not particularly love the whole chart. Whatever the case, I’m always happy to rework things to serve YOUR vision. Just tell me what you want/need, and I can make it happen!

I discovered early on that most drummers learn by ear (and many don’t even read music), so for years I rarely wrote out drum or percussion charts. As of 2021 new charts always include drum parts, but for everything prior… I’m happy to provide a drum track (with the other parts lowered in the mix) for no additional fee, or can have a transcription made for $100. Please indicate in the notes section if you’re interested in either of these options when checking out.

Yes. More and more groups are choosing to lock in their tempos and/or supplement their accompaniment with click tracks. Since the majority of recordings on this site were built in Pro Tools, most can be delivered as stems with a click track. There are many reasons you might want to consider this for your ensemble:

  • You have a rhythm section, but no horns.
  • You have a single keyboard player, but want to use more than one keyboard part.
  • Your drummer has a tendency to drift, but plays well with a metronome.
  • Some of your instrumentalists can’t make it to all your performances.

Whether you need a simple stereo mix of sound effects, or a multi-channel mix with full, customizable instrumentation, utilizing a click track is a great way to add consistency and polish to your live performances. This add-on feature is a flat $200. Just add the CLICK TRACK customization to your order, and specify which chart(s) you’d like click tracks for.

Use the CONTACT page if you have questions about how to incorporate click tracks into your show.

Some charts already have horn reductions, which are included free of charge if requested.

If a chart doesn’t currently have a horn reduction, you’re welcome to create one for yourself, or I’m happy to create one for $150. Just add the HORN REDUCTION customization to your order, and specify which chart(s) you’d like reductions for.

Absolutely. There is a $250 fee to revoice any chart in the catalog. Just add the REVOICE customization to your order, and specify which chart(s) you’d like revoiced and how.

Definitely. You are welcome to make modifications to better suit your group or show, and don’t need to approve anything with me.

If you’d like your music and tracks delivered with specific cuts, there is an additional fee of $100. Just add the CUSTOM CUT customization to your order, and specify which chart(s) you’d like cut.


Good question. I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess. The truth is, I’ve been delivering tracks since the early 90’s, and they’ve just gotten better over time. Back in the day I played the vocal parts on an electric piano. Then, when I built a proper studio, I started tracking the vocals myself. On occasion I’ve even brought in a gal to record the female parts — those tracks are obviously the cream of the crop.

Also, for awhile I would lay down scratch tracks for a capella tunes just to check the singability. Directors have asked for them over the years, and while they sound ATROCIOUS, some folks have found them to be helpful. So they’re all here too. (If you squint your eyes and plug your ears they might sound a little better… Or not.)

Lastly, I completely lost my falsetto for a couple years, so there are a handful of tracks where the ladies’ parts were pitch-shifted. I’m not incredibly proud of my chipmunk voice, but it got the job done. Perhaps one day I’ll hire real studio vocalists to come in and re-track everything. In the meantime, make yourself at home and have a good laugh. On me!

Sound effects and/or samples are included in the cost of any charts which include them. They can also be delivered with a click track for use in the DAW of your choice.

Full and Instrumental tracks are included with the purchase of almost all charts. Arrangements without tracks are priced accordingly, but can be upgraded for $300. Just add the NEW TRACK customization to your order, and specify which chart(s) you want new tracks for.


Pricing varies depending on the level of involvement. If you’re interested, just fill out the CONTACT form and let me know what you’re looking for. It doesn’t cost anything to inquire!

Custom charts are voiced and scored specifically for your group, and come with Full Score, Individual Parts, Full/Rehearsal Tracks, and a Drum Track.

They are priced by duration at $1250/minute. (i.e. a 2 minute arrangement would be $2500.)

Yes. Discounts are available for multiple items on the SAME PURCHASE ORDER ONLY.

  • 2 charts = 5% off
  • 3 charts = 10% off
  • 4 charts = 15% off
  • 5 charts = 20% off
  • 6 or more = 25% off

Savings will be applied at checkout.


  1. GRATIS: No License is required.

  2. SINGLE: Only one song to be licensed.

  3. MASHUP: Two or more songs are intertwined with one another, and must be licensed together.

  4. MEDLEY: Two or more songs in the same arrangement that could stand alone as separate arrangements, and thus can be licensed together OR individually.

While there are a few gratis licenses in the catalog, most titles need to be cleared.

I’m happy to handle the entire process, or any portion thereof, up to and including payment. There’s no charge for this service, however the licensing fee itself will be added to your invoice. Just add the LICENSING customization to your order, and I’ll handle everything.

If you prefer to handle the publishing side of things yourself, that works too. I’m here to help facilitate in whatever capacity best suits your needs.


  1. The most important thing in a Show Choir chart is its SINGABILITY. A singable arrangement doesn’t just help on the music scoresheet, it helps on the choreo side of things as well, as good vocal leading and proper part placement makes dancing so much easier. This is my number one goal when writing for Show Choir.

  2. The second most important thing is to KEEP IT INTERESTING. I avoid repetition as much as possible and modulate often (not only for effect, but to keep voices in their sweet spots). Each chart is a journey, with hills and valleys designed to show off your group’s musicality.

  3. When approaching a MEDLEY or MASHUP, I like to weave songs together as seamlessly as possible so they feel like one cohesive piece of music. A little extra time and effort can make even the strangest combinations feel like they’ve always belonged together.

  4. The BIG SECRET: I don’t really “write” music. I record everything first, then transcribe once the track is really vibing. The result is that regardless of how difficult it sounds, it always sings easily because the harmonies were made up on the fly, singing vocal lines that just come naturally.

    The other big payoff is a slick, polished reference track to hand your choreographer, and an equally polished accompaniment track to rehearse with.

Charts with the word REDUX in the title have been updated and/or modified from the original commissioned arrangement. These versions typically have cuts, new elements, or song replacements (in medley/mashups), and are often less expensive to license.

Charts will only be sold to groups in the same state with the approval of BOTH directors

Charts will only be sold to groups in different states if the schools are not competing against each other that year.

All charts are eligible for ONE YEAR OF EXCLUSIVITY (meaning no other program anywhere can purchase it for the upcoming competition season) for an additional fee of 1.5x the list price — e.g. exclusivity for a $400 arrangement would be an additional $600. If you’d like to take advantage of this option, just inquire in the notes section when you check out.

You bet! Just fill out the CONTACT form and let me know what you’re looking for. In a day or two I’ll send you a link to a custom playlist curated just for you.

You can purchase charts by clicking the ADD TO CART button. When you’re done shopping, click the Cart icon in the Menu and proceed to checkout. No immediate payment is required.

You’ll have access to your tracks as soon as your order is submitted, and will receive an email with payment instructions. Your charts will be available as soon as licensing clears.

If you have any additional questions, simply click the CONTACT link, fill out the form, and hit Submit! Someone will get back to you shortly.

Josh Greene is a graduate of the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, where he won multiple Downbeat Awards as a composer, arranger, and performer with the school’s legendary Jazz Ensembles. Perhaps best known as the host of TLC’s 10 Years Younger and the Discovery Channel’s Rally Round the House, he’s also an accomplished actor and singer with Broadway credits including RENT, Rock of Ages, and the original workshop cast of Spring Awakening. In demand as a musician, vocal coach and producer, he’s worked closely with a variety of artists including Julie Taymor, Mark Shaiman, Adam Lambert, Martin Short, Amy Adams, Evan Rachel Wood, Ryan Gosling and many more.

In 2010, after 20+ years moonlighting as an arranger for award-winning choirs around the country, he began designing, writing and producing shows for Burbank and Los Alamitos High Schools in Southern California. Now widely regarded as two of the top groups in the nation, his creative direction has helped to reshape the landscape of Show Choir by focusing on innovative writing, exquisite production design, and compelling narratives. With multiple “Arranger of the Year” awards and 300+ Grand Championships to date, Josh is excited to finally share his catalog with the public.

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