Can you build click tracks for live performances?

Yes. More and more groups are choosing to lock in their tempos and/or supplement their accompaniment with click tracks. Since the majority of recordings on this site were built in Pro Tools, most can be delivered as stems with a click track. There are many reasons you might want to consider this for your ensemble:

  • You have a rhythm section, but no horns.
  • You have a single keyboard player, but want to use more than one keyboard part.
  • Your drummer has a tendency to drift, but plays well with a metronome.
  • Some of your instrumentalists can’t make it to all your performances.

Whether you need a simple stereo mix of sound effects, or a multi-channel mix with full, customizable instrumentation, utilizing a click track is a great way to add consistency and polish to your live performances. This add-on feature is a flat $200. Just add the CLICK TRACK customization to your order, and specify which chart(s) you’d like click tracks for.

Use the CONTACT page if you have questions about how to incorporate click tracks into your show.

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