What’s so special about these charts?

  1. The most important thing in a Show Choir chart is its SINGABILITY. A singable arrangement doesn’t just help on the music scoresheet, it helps on the choreo side of things as well, as good vocal leading and proper part placement makes dancing so much easier. This is my number one goal when writing for Show Choir.

  2. The second most important thing is to KEEP IT INTERESTING. I avoid repetition as much as possible and modulate often (not only for effect, but to keep voices in their sweet spots). Each chart is a journey, with hills and valleys designed to show off your group’s musicality.

  3. When approaching a MEDLEY or MASHUP, I like to weave songs together as seamlessly as possible so they feel like one cohesive piece of music. A little extra time and effort can make even the strangest combinations feel like they’ve always belonged together.

  4. The BIG SECRET: I don’t really “write” music. I record everything first, then transcribe once the track is really vibing. The result is that regardless of how difficult it sounds, it always sings easily because the harmonies were made up on the fly, singing vocal lines that just come naturally.

    The other big payoff is a slick, polished reference track to hand your choreographer, and an equally polished accompaniment track to rehearse with.

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